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About Our Company

We dedicate ourselves to help businesses grow cost effectively with the most optimal resources. We take pride in the quality of our work and will never compromise the standards we have set for ourselves and our clients.
Tophat SEO was created as a passion project between friends who share the same goals in life. By helping each other reach new heights in their respective fields, they realized that their shared passion was meant for greater things. This became the foundation of what is now known as Tophat SEO. A company that’s sole philosophy is to help you reach the top and to keep you there.
We constantly strive to push ourselves and our clients to reach the top spot. Both in quality and pricing. Therefore you will not find a better option than our company to help you reach the top. With our constant growing client base and professional demeanor, we look forward to the many years ahead. So join us as part of the Tophat SEO family.

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affordable seo company
Owner/SEO Specialist
affordable seo company
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Why Our Clients Love Us

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Tophat SEO has provided me with such a great quality product and service that I refer all of my business associates to them.
Chané Lombard ((Co founder of 25 Weddings))
We are a very small company (less than 10 employees) and the result of having Tophat SEO on our side has kept us healthy. The staff is wonderful and understanding of our needs. Best move we have made.
Yolandi Grobler ((Co founder of ECTA Creative Solutions))