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25 Beats

25 Beats has taken the event industry by storm with their innovative and stylish approach to music, lighting and DJ services to both private and corporate markets. They provide top-tier services at sensible price points; making your event 'the event'. Their superbly dressed, professional and courteous DJ's will furnish every function with a climate appropriate to your needs by being unobtrusive when the situation calls for intimacy, but snappily energetic when a party is on the menu. They guarantee entertainment perfection through the exclusive use of professional equipment and by choosing their staff in such a manner, that those who provide their services typify their core values and company brand. Their DJ for hire services, coupled with their AV rentals is a perfect combination to cater for both low and high budget events.

Client: 25 Beats
Project type: DJ Company

60 %

Increase in desktop traffic

seo services 25 beats

80 %

Increase in mobile traffic

seo services 25 beats


25 Beats were looking for a SEO company that could help them with their poorly optimized website, more specifically when browsing their website on smartphones. Before working with Tophat SEO, their website would not display properly on smartphones due to it not being optimized in the correct resolution.


Tophat SEO worked with the 25 Beats team and implemented various strategies for different display options when viewing their website on smartphones. With the help of our affordable SEO services, this lead to their website being fully optimized to the correct resolution and solved the display issues.


seo services south africa 25 beats
seo services south africa 25 beats


With 25 Beats website being fully optimized, this lead to an increase of 80% (red bar) in mobile traffic. The display issues being solved for smart phone use made browsing their website a breeze. This also benefitted their desktop traffic due to the website ranking higher in search engines after the optimization. With a total increase of 60% (green bar) in their desktop traffic.