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25 Weddings

As wedding videographers, 25 weddings come from a unique background that is different to what most event filmmakers have. This gave them a different approach and vision to filming and editing their wedding videos. As they grow and progress over time, they continue to learn and adapt to new styles and techniques. This has enabled 25 Weddings to earn strong customer support and be recognized as one of the best wedding videographers in South Africa. They continuously strive hard to become one of the leading wedding cinematographers in the world.

Client: 25 Weddings
Project type: Wedding Videographers

75 %

Increase in traffic

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42 %

Increase in Diversification

seo services 25 beats


The folks at 25 weddings wanted to add some diversity to their clientele to help improve their portfolio. This meant that they needed the help of a SEO company that would make it possible to achieve this goal, by doing extensive research so that they could include this in their services.


The solution to their problem was simply to identify and monitor different trends among various ethnic groups in the wedding industry in order to maximize their clientele. With the help of our affordable SEO services, these changes were implemented in their website as part of their website optimization and lead to an increase of diverse clients.

seo services south africa 25 weddings
seo services 25 beats


Tophat SEO worked with 25 weddings and implemented aggressive strategies across multiple platforms to target different ethnic groups. This lead to an increase of 33.25% (orange pyramid) in Indian weddings, an increase of 22.56% (black pyramid) in African weddings, an increase of 10.98% (yellow pyramid) in Asian weddings and a further increase of 57.86% (green pyramid) in total weddings done by 25 weddings.