seo services south africa i-line design

i-Line Design

i-Line design is a trend setting company specializing in media and digital manipulation. They started from humble beginnings, but now have a team of 20 designers, web developers, copywriters and artists from all over the world in their team. This insures that inspiration is drawn from every corner of civilization. No project is too big or too small for them. Since 2014, they have been doing graphic design on an international level with clients such as Fashion Weekly, Halo, Protea Hotel, Uniglobe and Unashamedly Ethical and Exposed.

Client: i-Line Design
Project type: Graphic Design Company

50 %

Increase in International Traffic

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45 %

Increase in Local Traffic

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In its early days, i-Line design struggled to compete with its competitors in the international market. This meant that as a SEO company, we had to do in-depth research to find out how they could not only compete, but best their competitors.


During our in-depth research as part of our SEO services, we concluded that i-Line design did not have sufficient links leading to their website. They also did not have proper website optimization, meaning their website did not rank properly in search engines results and were mainly available to local clients. With the help of our various affordable SEO services packages, we greatly improved their search presence and search engine ranking.

seo services south africa i-line design
seo services south africa i-line design


i-Line design now has a strong online presence and an increase in its organic search rankings, which means they have access to clients on an international level. An overall increase of 50% (light brown bar) in international traffic can be seen, as well as a 45% (dark brown bar) in local traffic.